Image by Tim Chow


  • Clients are seated on a handcrafted teak wood yoni steam throne, covered with sauna capes to allow for the release of the herbal steam to penetrate vaginal tissues. The steam is generated by the infrared steam pot that houses the herbs and molecular hydrogen enriched water during the steam session. A full body sweat and detoxification is experienced as the pores open for the skin to absorb the herbal steam.

  • Detoxification happens, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually  – to help individuals find physical, mental and emotional relief and discover a sustainable renewed sense of self.

  • It is a holistic method of helping address existing health challenges and acts as a form of preventative medicine to specifically address Abnormal Growths in the Womb, Infertility, Hormonal & Menstrual Disorders, Emotional, Spiritual & Mental Imbalances.

  • This non-invasive technique  supports women with various health challenges and those looking to maintain their overall health and well-BEING.

Image by Denny Müller

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